Contemporary Adam


“Contemporary Adam” after Michelangelo’s fresco “The Creation of Adam”
painted at the Sistine Chapel in Rome. A contemporary Adam distracted by
technology. Apple devices make reference to the biblic fruit of sin.

Original Painting

Acrylics on canvas 2016

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Milan Art Motor




☀️ New season arrivals in the windows of Ef Arte, Via Magenta 31 Milano.
Tvboy between Warhol, Koons, Pistoletto, Rotella, Sottsass, Arman & more….
Info: Ef Arte Collection Corso Magenta 31, Milano T. +39 02 8690926

Nelson Mandela

March 2014. Portrait of Nelson Mandela. Turin, Italy. I was invited by Square 23 Gallery to realized a mural on the facade of Borgata Tesso a center for cultural integration in Torino, Italy. Nelson Mandela had recently passed away and seemed the best reference for a wallpainting against racism and to support the activity of the centre.

mandela mandela2

Kid’s cot

Wall painting of the exterior facade of Kid’s Cot the the first nursery school in english in Milan.The wall was painted during winter 2009 together with my friend Zak One.