Dorothy circus Roma

“City Slang” The Street Comes to the gallery. The show, as one can deduce from the title, is going to include street art interventions that will start from the heart of the street and enter finally the gallery’s spaces. The audience will be guided through a sort of journey and will learn to read and understand street art in its various forms through a suggestive eye-candy effect offered by graffiti, poster art, stencil art and site-specific performances. But there’s even more: in the project room one will be able to admire the original well-known affiche by Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, that represents a perfect forerunner of poster art, able to join past and future in a single expositive event. Slang as a direct, sharp and colourful language that marks a group of people with the same features and express itself through an exact code, becomes a powerful and kaleidoscopic figurative cocktail that connects national and international artists in one argot  free from formal ties. City Slang _ The Street come sto the gallery is the fuse that triggers an inexhaustible artistic charge that isn’t pleased with the city walls but invades the sophisticated spaces of art system, in order to release a violent and explosive burst of shapes and colours. January February 2008 – Artists: Koralie, SupaKitch, TvBoy, Mr.WanyUes, Sten+Lex+Lucamaleonte.