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ART01 Barcelona is pleased to announce the opening of MODERN ICONS, the gallery’s first exhibition with TvBoy. The show will present a serie of new paintings in which the artist projects his ironic, irreverent and colourful views on icons of our world as compelling reflexions on our modernity.
TvBoy leads viewers in his world of urban art energy hyped with a Wharolian attitude towards the merchandization of the world, all wrapped in an ironic yet hopeful carnavalization of our society. Taking on the streets of Milan and Barcelona at the start of his artist life, TvBoy has developed his art into an ongoing experimentation, a meta-narration of the contemporary filled with reminders of the past where the spectator is invited to take part in the dialogue between Art and mass media culture. The essence of his art lies in the sensitivity and distance with which he observes the reality surrounding him. Represented by his creative alter ego, a TV-raised ever smiling child, the artist explores in vivid colours with tenderness and post-modernist irony the contradictions, antagonisms, absurdity and grace of our world.
With MODERN ICONS TvBoy pays tribute to some of his heroes as well as acknowledges the dominant figures of our era and transfigures them into political symbols, brands, religious archetypes, comic book heroes. Pablo Picasso and his genius metamorphose into Pikachu the cute derisory manga character, darling of the global business of plastic mass-production and over-licensing. Vincent Van Gogh’s art of self-portrait becomes a selfie, Steve Jobs lands in a Magritte-spirit witty portrait or a rebellious Dali spraying city walls in Vandal Dali… MODERN ICONS is a new step in the artist observation of the world around us. Watch TvBoy’s narration of our world, it is the true story !
Salvatore Benintende is an italian artist who started painting in the streets of Milan in 1996. He exhibited at the Biennale in Venice, at Pac in Milan and in various shows through Rome, Barcelona, Bern, Copenhagen, Munich, Berlin, Beirut and Washington, both alone or side by side to great masters of contemporary art such as Andy Warhol, Keith Haring and Jean-Michel Basquiat.
He developed many project commissions for international brands and held courses in renown art & design academies such as IED in Barcelona and Politecnico in Milan.
Marc-Antoine Breuil
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Bern Soon Galerie

24 November 2014 I am just back from Bern where i opened a solo show called “Agit Pop” at Soon Switzerland. The show was composed of new original works on paper and canvas and some limited edition prints. Here a few photos of the exhibition space and of the Soon Team. Thanks to Fabian Schmid, Christine Bickel and Andrej Malogajski for their big support. A catalogue of the exhibition is available in the gallery. For more info check their website:

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Square 23 Gallery Torino

I’m back from Torino where I had a personal exhibition titled “Urban Pop” at Square 23 Gallery. The gallery is a nice and warm space located in the city centre of Torino. Thanks to Davide and Simona for your effort. A catalogue of the exhibition is available at the gallery.


Mash Up – Superstudio Milano

Mash Up. Personal exhibition at Superstudio Piú Milano, Via Tortona 27.
Starting from May to September 2010 I presented at Superstudio in Milan a big personal exhibition called Mash Up. It tooks me a whole year to prepare all the pieces of the show which were almost 50 new artworks divided between big sized canvases, medium size artworks on paper, and a huge sculpture and a enormous spraypainted Pvc on the outside. The concept behind the exhibition was to create a “Mash-up” of images from contemporary culture. The Location SuperstudioPiú, Via Tortona 27, Milan ( is a big an warehouse space in which take place every year very important meetings in the fields of Art, Fashion and Design such the Milan Furniture Fair, the Fashion Fair and Contemporary Art Fair. Thanks to the big effort of my colleagues at Art Kitchen. More than a thousand visitors came to the opening, Here some pics of the show..

Copenhagen Asbaek Gallery

“Culture Clash” personal exhibition at We love Asbaek Gallery in Copenaghen Denmark, August to September 2008. Some of the pieces were also exhibitedin the Art Copenhagen Fair – Martin Asbaek stand . Thanks Claus, Lisa, Ida, Martin & Anthon for the support setting up the exhibition.