Smoke Kills

Tvboyoro. Smoke Kills! Piazza San Marco, Brera District Milano. Spraypaint on an Energy Box‬. If you still are a smoker and want to quit read “The Easyway to Stop Smoking” by Allen Car… a great book!


November 2009. The city council of Burgos in the Northern Spain commissioned me a big scale wallpainting to celebrate the Aniversary of the Cathedral since it achieved the status of Patrimony of Humanity. The theme I had to work on had to be inspired on the theme of Paradise. The wall was huge (20 mt wide for 8 tall) and near to the city centre. On my arrive I have been told by Luan the organizer about a local history of a Christ sculpture found beneah the sea so I took inspiration on that mith to realize the artwork.


La Habana

In july 2008 I spent a two weeks  in La Habana with my friends of Artkitchen to join the “CubeArt” street art festival. We realized two wallpaintings in the streets of La Habana & Bauta. We had the luck of getting in touch with the local artist  and realize an amazing collaboration with them. Thanks to everybody for the great time.
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Tvboy & Pez


An amazing collaboration with the spanish street artist El Pez in Barcelona back in 2004, the theme was the contamination of the water as we did this piece near the beach “la Barceloneta”.