Installation at Largo delle Culture Milan. Censored in 72h.

L’opera, che si trovava presso il Largo delle Culture, ritrae un Babbo Natale arrestato dalle
forze di polizia, perchè sprovvisto di un regolare permesso di soggiorno. «Nessuno si
ricordava più che San Nicola arrivava dalla Turchia», scrive Tvboy su Instagram. Il
richiamo è al vescovo cristiano del IV secolo proveniente da Myra, città della Licia, provincia
dell’Impero bizantino, che si trova nell’attuale Turchia.

Nelson Mandela

March 2014. Portrait of Nelson Mandela. Turin, Italy. I was invited by Square 23 Gallery to realized a mural on the facade of Borgata Tesso a center for cultural integration in Torino, Italy. Nelson Mandela had recently passed away and seemed the best reference for a wallpainting against racism and to support the activity of the centre.

mandela mandela2

Merkel Munich

merkel-munichMunchen, Germany May 2012. Here some pictures of  the latest mural that Tvboy did in Munich, Germany during Stroke Art Fair. The piece is an ironical reflection on german political economy that is strangulating southern europe. At the same time the work pay reference to Brillo’s soap pads pop art serie by Andy Warhol reinterpreting it in a new way. The name of the piece is Merkel. Improved Formula. 100% Austerity.

Saviano Milano

savianoFebruary 2013. Roberto Saviano. Milan, Italy. Some days after I painted this mural in Milan. I received this message from Roberto: “I went to visit your mural. The fact that somewhere over there, there is another me standing in the streets, crossed by the sun, the fog, the rain and the traffic, makes me happy. Thanks Tvboy for the mural you dedicated me in Milano.” Thank you Roberto for your words!

I can do it!

Barcelona March 2013. I choose the famous poster on feminism as subject of a piece to paint of the shutter of the toys shop Sho Bcn located in the neighborhood of Gracia, Barcelona.


Walls of fame

I was commissioned by the City Council of Milan to realize some wallpaintings for a project called “Walls of Fame”. The aim was to renew two buildings in the periphery of Milan creating murals inspired on famous personalities of the city. I decided to portrait the famous Milanese painter Caravaggio, the holy Virgin Mary wich is a golden statue symbol of the city, Alessandro Manzoni who was a poet and a writer and Filippo Tommaso Marinetti, the founder of the Futurist movement. On another building I decided to portrait foreign artists who always had been a great source of inspiration for my art such as Frida Kalho, Keith Haring and Andy Warhol. All murals were realized in Milan during May 2011.

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