“La Guerra Fredda”
Tecnica mista su muro.
Installazione pubblica in Corso di Porta Ticinese 100 – Via San Eustorgio, Milano. Dimensioni reali, 2018.
Ma quella tra Salvini e Di Maio non è l’unica guerra che ha animato la notte milanese. Nei pressi della Basilica di San Eustorgio sono apparsi Rino Gattuso e Luciano Spalletti, rispettivamente nelle vesti di un americano e di un cinese.
L’opera allude al fatto che le due squadre siano state acquistate da proprietari stranieri e ironizza, da un lato sugli effetti della globalizzazione e della perdita di identità, e dall’altro sulla sempre esistita rivalità tra le due nazioni USA e CINA, che ora rivive anche sul piano calcistico.

Tvboy Menu

Don’t eat me! Tvboy Mc Menú on three different existing electricity boxes. Milano. Via Tivoli / Via Montenapoleone. Brera. Thanks to Urban Art Reinassance for the special support on the project.
Captura de pantalla 2015-09-12 a la(s) 22.59.33


Tvboy for La Rinascente Annex Via Santa Radegonda 10 Milano 25-02 – 09/03 2015. Between all the clients I worked for La Rinascente is surely one of the most visionaries! For the opening of the 2nd floor of their new Annex area in Via Santa Radegonda n.10 Milano (which is home of the first Urban Outfitters store in Italy) I created a short “pop urban art” love story based on three canvases of2x2mt each. All artworks were finished live in their windows. 











Smoke Kills

Tvboyoro. Smoke Kills! Piazza San Marco, Brera District Milano. Spraypaint on an Energy Box‬. If you still are a smoker and want to quit read “The Easyway to Stop Smoking” by Allen Car… a great book!

Saviano Milano

savianoFebruary 2013. Roberto Saviano. Milan, Italy. Some days after I painted this mural in Milan. I received this message from Roberto: “I went to visit your mural. The fact that somewhere over there, there is another me standing in the streets, crossed by the sun, the fog, the rain and the traffic, makes me happy. Thanks Tvboy for the mural you dedicated me in Milano.” Thank you Roberto for your words!

Walls of fame

I was commissioned by the City Council of Milan to realize some wallpaintings for a project called “Walls of Fame”. The aim was to renew two buildings in the periphery of Milan creating murals inspired on famous personalities of the city. I decided to portrait the famous Milanese painter Caravaggio, the holy Virgin Mary wich is a golden statue symbol of the city, Alessandro Manzoni who was a poet and a writer and Filippo Tommaso Marinetti, the founder of the Futurist movement. On another building I decided to portrait foreign artists who always had been a great source of inspiration for my art such as Frida Kalho, Keith Haring and Andy Warhol. All murals were realized in Milan during May 2011.

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Mash Up – Superstudio Milano

Mash Up. Personal exhibition at Superstudio Piú Milano, Via Tortona 27.
Starting from May to September 2010 I presented at Superstudio in Milan a big personal exhibition called Mash Up. It tooks me a whole year to prepare all the pieces of the show which were almost 50 new artworks divided between big sized canvases, medium size artworks on paper, and a huge sculpture and a enormous spraypainted Pvc on the outside. The concept behind the exhibition was to create a “Mash-up” of images from contemporary culture. The Location SuperstudioPiú, Via Tortona 27, Milan ( is a big an warehouse space in which take place every year very important meetings in the fields of Art, Fashion and Design such the Milan Furniture Fair, the Fashion Fair and Contemporary Art Fair. Thanks to the big effort of my colleagues at Art Kitchen. More than a thousand visitors came to the opening, Here some pics of the show..

Pac Milan

March 2007. I just got back from Milan where we had a big collective show called “Street Art Sweet Art” at Pac (Padiglione Arte Contemporanea) with some between the best italian graffiti artists: Abbominevole, Airone, Blu, Ericailcane, Bo130, Bros, Dado, Ivan, Joys, KyOne, Microbo, Nais, Ozmo, Pao, Phobia, Pus, Rendo, Sonda, Marco Teatro, Davide Atomo Tinelli, Tv Boy, Wany.. Check some photos of the show.