Smartphone Religion

“Smartphone Religion”. Lasted 24 hours before someone tried to rip it off. Barcelona, Gracia District 2016

Super Putin

A man who was born to drop bombs… “Superputin” paste up in the streets of Barcelona

Frida’s Moustache

Frida’s Selfie with Moustache. Fida Kalho, was another great lover of self portraits. Painting on canvas. available. Price on request

The Son of Apple

The Son of Apple (The Enigma of Steve Jobs) After the famous painting by rene Magritte “The Son of Man” Painting on Canvas available

Hipster Yoda

An hipster yoda asking for peace was found in the streets of Barcelona.


Salva interviewed about Tvboy by Ruben de Rodrigo for a project for IED. Language Spanish. 2015


Tnopras. Portrait of Alexis Tsipras. Painting on canvas. Private Collection.

Vincent’s Selfie

Vincent’s selfie. After the famous self-portrait by Vincent Van Gogh. Painting on canvas. available

Galleria Lancellotti Roma

Photos of the exhibition “Rome, Street Home” at Galleria Lancellotti. Piazza Lancellotti n. 3 Rome. 03-12-2015 / 10-01-2015 Photo Credits: Fizzyfashion