Pop Up Revolution Porto Cervo

Pop Up Revolution Art Show at Monte di Mola Museum in Porto Cervo, Italy Featuring works from Andy Warhol, Jean Michel Basquiat, Keith Haring, Shepard Fairey Obey, Tvboy, Pao, Tomoko Nagao, Sasha Frolova, Felipe Cardeña and many more. Pop Up Revolution is a movement founded by Electronic Art Café. A viral and dynamic movement that defies […]


Superheroes Pietrasanta

SUPERHEROES 2.0 a cura di Silvia Fabbri Villa Bertelli, Forte dei Marmi 5-21 luglio 2014 Palazzo Leonardi, Gestalt Gallery, Pietrasanta, 12 luglio – 31 agosto 2014 Catalogo Maretti Editore Mostra prodotta da: Gestalt Gallery, Galleria Pack


Pop Up Revolution Milan

Pop Up Revolution is a movement founded by Achille Bonito Oliva under the artistic direction of Electronic Art Café. A viral and dynamic movement that defies the traditional categories that always separed traditional art from design, fashion, communication and urban art. The show will open on June 11 starting from 18.30 to 24.00  in Milan at Caserma XXIV Maggio, […]



A preview of the collection of of mobile and mini table cases, headphones, speakers, usb drives that Tvboy licensed to the company Total Juggling srl. Wholesalers ask for catalogue here: sales[at]i-total.it  


Tvboy Clothing

We are about to start a new joint venture with B.DESIGN an international and renown company for the development of the brand TVBOY in the field of fashion. Stay tuned for info.

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We are currently developing a line of flip-flaps for man, woman and kids with the company Codital. The collection will be available shortly. Info soon on www.pantofollie.it


Comix gift

Franco Cosimo Panini Editore commissioned TVBOY  to design his COMIX GIFT line. The collection included stationery and accessories such as notebooks, daily and weekly planners, bags and backpacks. Here some photos.  www.fps.it

Captura de pantalla 2014-05-20 a la(s) 10.39.09


Franco Cosimo Panini asked us to create a special edition of their famous agenda. We also developed a stationery line inspired on the same graphics. Our school collection for Comix will be available soon on www.fps.it


Square 23

I’m back from Torino where I had a personal exhibition titled “Urban Pop”  at Square 23 Gallery. The gallery is a nice and warm space located in the city centre of Torino. Thanks to Davide and Simona for your kindness and effort. A catalogue of the exhibition is available at the gallery.



Portrait of Portrait of Nelson Mandela. Mural painted in Torino